Tuesday, August 2, 2011



What is Ploqi?

Actually, what you should be asking yourself is WHO is Ploqi.

Ploqi is pronounced Plo- Key. And it is the new nickname of our darling Mary Joan.

Two times this past week birthday cards were in order at our house. First for John-Paul, second for me. Both times cards were passed around for signing. All the boys signed the cards. Mary watched from the side. Then as they were about to seal them in the envelope, Miss Mary piped up "Can I sign the card too?" Naturally the answer was yes and it was handed over to her. And then little miss Mary holding the pen in her hand and sticking her tongue halfway out of the left side of her mouth formed the letters:


When she was finished she asked how it looked and we all said "WONDERFUL MARY!!!" (She is sure to be a fabulous Kinder-gartener come Fall.)

It was actually Peter who tried to sound it out and came up with 'Plo-key'. She  likes it. Fred started a new series of bedtime stories tonight. He calls it The Adventures of Ploqi Jones and Eliva Greene. The little girls are lovin' it.

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