Monday, June 6, 2011

Set It and Forget It

Just had to give you an update on my latest As Seen on T.V. gadget. This time someone gave Fred a Set it and Forget it rotisserie cooker. I don't know how this person got the idea that Fred might know someone who might like this product? I mean, its not like I'm blathering on about as seen on T.V. products all over the internet.

Anywho- Fred came walking in with this contraption which was practically out of the box. BTW, who buys items like this and doesn't use them? (Oh right-, that would be ME. The pasta boat is still sitting in my cupboard waiting for some unsuspecting person I can push it on.) To be honest it looked bulky to me. I was not in the least bit keen on the outward appearance, but Fred really wanted me to give it a try.

Today I decided to do the basic rotisserie chicken, figuring that since I'd likely have to toss the machine quickly afterwards, I should at least give it one try before doing so. So, I had a huge chicken that I literally slid onto the skewers and popped into place. Then I started the timer.

An hour and a half later I had a perfectly browned rotisserie chicken that was just wonderful. I added a few veggies and a bowl of pasta and dinner was ready. No kidding, it was that easy. I think I might sleep with this machine under my pillow. No heat in the kitchen, no mess, no worries, easy clean-up. Plus the chicken was awesome and much less greasy- a complete win. Easy and healthy!

I am so impressed.


  1. Oooh, Ahhh, I'm really impressed! I've always wondered if those things worked! And we LOVE rotisserie chicken. It makes the best chicken salad!!! Hooray for a good gadget!

  2. We (and by "we" I mean "my husband"; I believe cooking is for people not quick enough to marry a good cook) recently made our first-ever rotisserie chicken in our fancy new oven, and man oh Manichevitz , that was some good chicken! It would have made amazing chicken salad had there been leftovers, but we hoovered it down like two hobos who just jumped off the 7:34 from Junction City.

  3. Love that! And he does a pretty good Fred Schneider, too.