Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today we started our staycation.For all of you folks that would now like to correct me on my spelling, hold off. A staycation is a new portmanteau ( blend of two words) for the term stay-at-home-vacation. We'd like to go away, but with gas prices for the van being what they are,and the general economic malaise settling over our land, we thought we'd try something new. Fred and I really love where we live. Being just an hour from D.C. and Baltimore, with great nature places surrounding us, we feel like there is never enough time to visit areas close by. Carpe Diem. 

Today we headed to D.C. for the National Zoo. We stayed til closing. Gosh was it fun! With this many kids, its pretty much always fun-except for the refereeing job that comes with the territory.

The temperature was extremely cooperative being in the 70's and sunny. It is always so cool to see all the different and wonderful animals in our world. The kids were really pliable today too( probably because they excitement keeps them content and upbeat). Andy wound up carrying Mary on his shoulder pretty much all afternoon since she got blisters on her heels from her sandals, but that was about all that went wrong. Peter, JP, and Matt took turns strolling Sarah and Sophia.

There was one particularly hilarious moment in the Ape House, when Mary squirmed her way up to the glass with 100's of other children. What she didn't realize was that the ape was directly in front of the glass. After finagling herself into position she looked up to see this ape looking directly back at her through the glass- and almost died! Sarah thoroughly enjoyed the petting zoo, and the consensus from the rest was a toss up between the birds, and the big cats ( lions and tigers are just scary cool!)

Here are some of the highlights:

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  1. Someone told me it's all happening at the zoo!

    Have a fine staycation! Had the timing been different (by a couple of decades, but who's counting?) I could have shown you around Harpers Ferry and Sue could have shown you around Antietam.