Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down that Wall

I can well remember hearing those now famed words spoken by Ronald Reagan. My father loved Reagan well before it was popular to do so. Heck now EVERYONE does!

Well, tonight's post isn't about the Berlin Wall, but I think its almost as exciting a moment in history-for me anyway. Fred tore down our kitchen wall today finally uniting the old kitchen with the new kitchen and more than doubling our space. He also almost lost a finger in the process. Totally serious. Here's the story-

 He was using his Sawz-all to tear out the old doorway when suddenly it lurched and grabbed one of his fingers like a wild dog. Fred immediately dropped the tool and grabbed his hand. After being married to someone for a long time- you know when something is really, really wrong. I followed him down the hall to the bathroom. I have seen Fred do some damaging things before, but today's seemed to hurt the worst of any injury he's ever had. Over and over again he prayed ( which is far far worse than if he was simply swearing). Thankfully he did not sever the top of his finger, but it turned almost navy within about 2 minutes. 

Your next question if you are any normal human being will be "Did you take him to the hospital?" 

But then- you just don't know Fred.  He just doesn't go to the hospital for flesh wounds. I gave him 3 Tylenols, 2 band-aids, 1 peck on the forehead, and was forbidden from asking about the injury the rest of the afternoon. He went directly back to work. I would've taken a picture for you all to see but it seemed a bit morbid to flash a camera after an accident- even for me. 

OK, enough about that. So I have great pictures of the tear out! If you're reaaaalllly good, tomorrow I'll post pictures of my spiffy new pantry! I spent about 5 hours cleaning up after Fred left and reorganizing the kitchen. Its probably going to take a while before we're totally up and running again since we have to move the stove, fridge, and everything else too. I hope the 'set it and forget it' will be a good friend to me for the next few weeks. Between the grill, the microwave, and my As Seen On TV gadgets I think I've got dinner and meals  under control.

After working for the entire day he took Matt, Joe, Tom, and Mike with him to the stock car races this evening.What a guy...!


  1. Don't mean to seem unsympathetic, but my attention leaped straight from Fred's finger to that awesome set of shelves with the teapots and the fancy lighting. Did Fred do all that?

  2. Yup! I collect teacups. Mom has a beautiful set and I always loved them. Fred one year decided I should have my own so he started buying me them one at a time. After a few years he built those shelves in my kitchen so we could display them. The best part of course is that we actually use them all. The kids are allowed to pick their favorites out and pour a cup. They actually take very good care of them.