Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Fred put the two little boys ( Mike and Tom) to bed last night with his usual shenanigans . He does his best to scare the wits out of them just before he exits the room. This is generally done by a scary or gross story which has the little boys  giggling like mad. Then he'll comment as he goes to close the door to "watch out for monsters!" to which the brave young men reply:

"We're not afraid of monsters Dad!"

Last night after the story was finished he tried something new. He decided to inspect under their beds for monsters (since so many monsters are regularly found there). He was actually surprised it didn't seem to bother them 'one teensy weensy little bit'. As he got up he thought he'd go for the last resort and said "OK, that's fine boys I'm just gonna OPEN your closet door a little before I leave....goodnight" Immediately  a major protest broke out! 

"No, No, NO Dad!"

Fred turned and asked why not.

came the terrified reply.

Wow, this is serious. The teeth are not simply spiky or bloody but both spiky and bloody simultaneously. Obviously these monsters are fed regularly if the traces remain on their teeth. They must be sort of like shark teeth if they are spiky. What a totally lethal combination.Poor boys. Imagine sleeping in a room where nightly you had to listen to a monster with spiky bloody teeth chomping on its prey within earshot, always wondering if you were next? So today figuring I'd put the boys fears to rest, I Googled 'monsters in the closet' just for laughs. These are the images that showed up.

Oh my. Apparently there ARE monsters with both spiky and bloody teeth that live predominantly in closets. The boys certainly got their description accurate.
Currently this presents me with a new dilemma.I already know how to rid the house of monsters under the bed. In case any of my readers need a tip here it comes- you can sweep them up and dispose of them out the back door. Simple enough and quite effective. 

I am not sure whether or not a vacuum might be a better application for monsters with spiky bloody teeth. Maybe the wet/vac will be required. Do any of you have any idea of how to exterminate these particular brand of pests? 

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  1. Hey, Ellie, great post, as usual. You've been given two awards on my blog - how lucky can you get?!