Thursday, June 23, 2011

Musical Beds

My whole family is mad at me right now. UGH!
I hate that.

A friend of ours that we know from daily mass gave us some really beautiful furniture. We picked up an entire bedroom set today. Its a four poster bed with dressers, night tables etc. It is soooo pretty you cannot imagine. ( it looks kind of like this)

So After a really long day of working I convinced my older boys to help me take down the old bed (which isn't a set at all, and is just a box spring and mattress on a frame with cheapo night tables and lamps) and move in the new set. They struggled and hassled with the pieces, carried heavy items through doorways with me shouting "Don't scratch that!", vacuumed and readjusted dust ruffles, and finally the new set was sitting in our bedroom.

Fred came in to look. The younger kids started jumping on it. The older boys were oohing and ahhing and finally I laid down and stood up almost as quickly.

They all looked puzzlingly at me. "I don't like it." I said aloud.

WHAT? Are you crazy? BUT ITS BEAUTIFUL!" they exclaimed.

One sole voice spoke up. It was Fred:

"Thank God!"

was all he commented and then the boys groaned.
Because they knew what was coming next.

"Would you mind taking it back down and bringing my old bed back?"

"No, No, NO! MOM!!!Can't you wait til the morning?"

'Well, not if I want to sleep tonight.'

 So, the boys lugged all the pieces back in and took down the new bed and replaced it with the old one. And I am much happier. It just suits me better.  I think I'll try it in the little girls room tomorrow. If that doesn't work there's always ebay.

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