Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Naked with a Box of Cookies

Don't worry, I am not writing about any of our politicians. I have far more interesting things to occupy my time than  the "hot dog" man. 

Today Natalie ( and Amanda her equally talented sister-in-law) came for a visit! Hooray! Natalie and I have the strangest relationship. I have watched her go from a teenager, to a love crazed young woman when she met Anthony, to engaged, to married, to pregnant to Mom.

 During all that time she has been in and out of my house sometimes daily watching my family grow and morph as well. Yes, she works for us ( at least she has and it is an ongoing relationship when we both feel like it) but she also is just wonderful and we like her. And guess what? She likes us too! She is about as honest as I am about life. We never fret over what is going on in the house when we're together. She makes herself at home and I am happy with that. If I need milk and I'm busy she'll disappear with kids and show back up with groceries without even the suggestion from me. Or she might get in the mood to bake and just pick apart my cabinets to make us all some treat. Its just so neat.

When we don't see each other for  a while we call and chat. So today a few weeks after school is out she came for a visit. Jacob is getting so big! Gosh- time goes fast. We spent the afternoon swimming and chatting and playing with the little ones. 

After some time I realized I actually had other little children and should probably check on them in the house. So I poked my head in and called "Sarah!" (I knew Sophie was asleep and I could hear Mary and Mike on the swings out back.)


A little louder this time:


Nothing still.

Now since I knew she wasn't in the pool area and the other kids weren't answering 'she's here Mom." I kind of knew she had to be up to no good. This is just the reality of two year olds. They find things to do they shouldn't, and when caught wait for the next opportune moment to strike again.  last week I came home several times to find Sarah covered in black mascara and lipstick while she profusely apologized for touching my make-up.

I called again: 


Then I heard a faint sound from the girls room. I walked over and opened the door to find her ...

Naked with a box of cookies. 

She had at least a half a dozen gripped between her arms in a bear hug. I tired to figure out why she was stripped down to her birthday suit. I think she must have had to use the ladies room ( she has only been trained in the last few weeks and it's going quite nicely, thanks for asking) and since she was in a bathing suit she must have stripped it off on her trip in. Afterwards she needed new girl clothes and headed for her room- which is right outside the pantry. Apparently she couldn't avoid the temptation and didn't want to ask permission, so she hoarded the cookies in her room and began devouring the entire pack. She did manage to wake Sophie and shared a few with her baby sister as a bribe to keep her quiet. Here is the evidence.

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  1. Oh she is too funny. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories of all the kids... and you and Fred too! I miss you all.