Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Next door to Grandmaland live Uncle Dave and Aunt Di. But much more importantly than them is Stephen and Michael, their children. Stephen and Michael are the boys cousins and the sun rises and sets on them. The actual reason for our visit this past weekend was Michael's graduation from Middle School. He won a few awards ( one for Christian Conduct) and is about the sweetest kid on the planet. His younger brother is not far behind.

While the boys have been spending a week together each summer for years now, a new development has occurred this last year...by the name of Nikki.

Nikki is Freds god-daughter and WOW what a beautiful young lady. My boys always loved Nikki but of course she is a girl, and so they weren't very interested in how she was ever doing if she didn't want to paintball or play video games. BUT Mary and Sarah have no older sister and so Nikki to them is like having one for a few days. Mary and Sarah are pretty much convinced Nikki is a princess and they follow her around like her maids in waiting. I am so glad she loves them so much too!

So while we big kids spend time talking in the kitchen, the boys and their cousins spend time building bon fires, having sleep-overs, taking walks in the fields and telling scary stories that keep them from ever falling asleep at night ( ahem Peter and Stephen!). We actually all went to the Walkway over the Hudson and then made home made pizza afterwards. Sunday was Michaels official graduation party with Auntie Theresa and Uncle Paul,Grandpa Vinny, Uncle Pat and Aunt Leigh and their little ones showing up as well. Its really wonderful to see so much family and have the chance to catch up on how everyone is. It would have been perfect if Brian and Fallon could have been there with Caroline! Maybe next time...something to hope for!

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