Sunday, June 12, 2011


I promised you last night that if you were very good little children, I'd show you some pictures of my spiffy new pantry. Within moments of me posting, my niece Jessica was oohing and ahhhing over the pictures. Jess is my niece but in the real world, she functions as my little sister, having grown up in the same house with me for most of our lives. She and I are actually closer in age than my sister Nan (her mother). 

So, Jess sees the pictures and makes this comment that  I should post pictures not of my new pantry, but rather of 'the larder'. Ummm, excuse me Jess? "Yes, yes, of course" she goes on the larder is the old name for the pantry over in England. She has always had a soft spot for the English come to think of it. And I should copy the English why again? Help me out- I just need a little reminding. 

Quite frankly I think larder is a bad word to introduce into my kitchen area. The children will be shocked. "Here kiddies let mummy show you her larder' sounds like a recipe for disaster! I can just picture pulling English goodies like Marmite from the new shelves. Marmite for those of you who have missed this little delicacy is yeast extract. It is simply the most hateful food product I have ever seen, right up there with pigs feet. (which by the way I'd eat first if it came right down to it!)

They do have the best tea ever, and of course who doesn't get won over by that totally fabulous accent? 
Gosh, why couldn't we have kept that little quirk?

Sorry Jess, but I think I'll have to keep the ole pantry term. (besides Fred is totally against larder, and you know how persnickety he can get!) I'll post a few pics so you can have a peek:


  1. Okay, I kept a straight face until I got to the Marmite part.

  2. Nice! (And phew--it is *not* bigger than my entire kitchen.)