Saturday, June 4, 2011

Prom Night

What do you get when you mix a bunch of handsome young gentlemen with a bunch of beautiful young ladies?

A prom!

Andrew and Peter headed out to their first prom tonight. They were so excited. Tuxedos were rented, dinner plans made, and the day finally came.
We had 4 couples here for a formal dinner and pictures.
Matthew and John-Paul volunteered to waiter for the night, and they were really wonderful serving their older brothers and their guests. They even dressed the part in black pants and dress shirts.
They all looked so lovely and happy and wholesome. Afterwards they headed out to the event. I'll leave you with some pictures from the evening.They speak for themselves.


  1. Ellie, I really cannot believe what grown young men they have become. I love to see the wholesomeness they have. I feel old seeing them off to prom!!! Glad they had fun!

  2. I think I shall sue for posting unauthorized pictures of me online. >:)