Friday, June 17, 2011

Camp Out!

After the Lake we went camping. I don't think there is any experience better for the soul than a night in the woods. I love the campfire smell, the sounds of the earth, the fireflies, and the important questions that get answered around the flames late at night- like:

"Do black bears really eat small children?"- (Only if they don't run very fast....)

"Do monsters really live in that lake down the road?"- (They haven't been able to prove it yet.....)


  1. I have spent my entire life--my ENTIRE life--avoiding having to spend a night in the woods. That is where the bears are, that is where the monsters are, and that is where the crazed murderers are. Plus bugs, dirt, and snakes. And no electricity, plumbing, or nice sofas. Your kids are on the right track. Fear Nature, little children! Nature wants to eat you!

  2. Okay, this is too weird. The random character verification string that popped up for me to enter my previous comment was "unded".

    Maybe blogspot is trying to tell us there really are spooky beings in the woods... the kind that EAT YOUR BRAINS. My apologies, Margaret- I'll be staying indoors from now on!

  3. Bob, it's totally safe indoors. Just don't let your hand dangle over the side of the bed while you sleep.