Saturday, June 25, 2011

Community Day!

Well, today was community day here in E-berg. It's a rather strange thing to experience these little town events after growing up in New York. Initially when we pulled up and parked the van we didn't see much actually going on. I ventured out first and said we'd better walk over to the crowd. Fred stepped out a bit more cautiously and said all he saw was a group of townies and a rope. He was unsure if I had mistaken community day for a lynching. I assured him it was tug-o-war.

 Its been years now since we lived in NY with it's fast pace and cutting edge, and we have grown a bit accustomed to the differences and quaintness of country life for the most part. We couldn't seem to manage getting all the little ones ready for community day on time so as luck would have it we were late for the pig-chase (shucks!). After that was the pie  and watermelon eating contest along with lots of traditional games.

Fred got hooked when he saw the line up of hot-rods. They really had an amazing collection of cars to sneak a peek at while the little ones ate hot-dogs and visited the playground. We left shortly after to take care of things at home.

After dinner the older boys ( Andy, Pete, JP, Matt, Joe)and Fred headed down for a movie (Thor) and arrived home just in the nick of time to catch the fireworks display from our front yard. I had already put the little 5 down telling them they could get back up if and only if they heard fireworks. They took the bait. The first BANG and they were at my side with high pitched gleeing sounds. We all gathered together out front and watched the show. Mike and Tom could not help but run off to catch a million fireflies that glowed between the fireworks. The children are all tucked safely in their beds now. It was a beautiful day to be a family and to see the blessings of our marriage as it should be... no matter what's going on in New York. 

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