Saturday, November 12, 2011

Night Walk

Fred spent the day raking and blowing leaves into a ginormous pile in our yard. The little ones really tried hard to help him. So after dinner he announced "Let's go for a night walk!" The little ones all kind of looked hesitant. "What's a night walk?" Fred simply said "You'll see." and had them get their coats on.

We drove to the other side of town, off a dirt road, back past a field, and came to the Elder cemetery. Its a place Fred and I have gone on walks before to, but only during daylight. The Elders were the first family to settle our town and they have a beautiful little cemetery fenced in with a clear walking path that is simply gorgeous to stroll down on a crisp day. It's really off the beaten path.

Of course it was night. Fred wanted to scare the kids a little and this certainly had all the elements to do so. The moon is full tonight so we had that added benefit as well. It is cold out but just enough to turn your breath white and not enough to freeze your ears. Kinda perfect actually. We walked down the spooky dirt path illumined by the moon.We were  far enough away from the world to hear nothing but the breezy night air and the crackling of leaves underfoot.

The kids were freaked out with happiness and fright all at once. They couldn't really believe we were taking them out in the dark (to a graveyard no less) but they were also happy to be together and since Dads can clearly  keep us safe from all ghosts and goblins and creepy things that lurk in the dark, we were plenty safe.

We ended with a trip to Dairy Queen. Sarah wanted 'banilla' ice cream and Mary wanted a blister ( blizzard).

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