Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I read this story in the news 2 days ago. I am surprised it didn't attract more attention. I find this completely horrifying. It's not the first time I have read about it in recent months. Eugenics, has been with us in one form or another for ages. Most people immediately link it to Hitler ( and they are not wrong) but neatly filing it away as if that is and was the only time it happened in our history is to misunderstand the problem it still presents. The article clearly lays out that 31 of our wonderful states had this program in place not more than 50 years ago.

I think I find eugenics most troubling because the argument that some people should live and reproduce and others should not live and reproduce always needs someone to judge who is worthy; and the people who deem themselves worthy are the very last people who should have any power to do so at all. Who is really capable of sifting the raw material of humanity and deciding the worthiness of a particular group of people? Thanks, but I'll leave that one entirely to God. 

Support of this warped cause always winds up 'weeding out' minorities and the disadvantaged and generally begins with blacks and the handicapped. Those among us who should have the benefit of our compassion and mercy instead wind up being the victims of our intellects, pride, and arrogance. Think people aren't like that anymore? Think again. A friend of mine was told not so long ago over a business lunch to 'just keep having white babies so we could get rid of those others one day.' He was so astonished he simply got up and left.

Always these misguided arguments are in the name of a better and more perfect human race. Yet the real end brings mankind to anything but improvement. It would not simply be blacks, or feebleminded people, but gays, and Jews, and Catholics too, until we are but a shell of what we call humanity. I know the articles are not pretty to read, but it might be worthwhile to do so anyway-so you know to to spot it, should it come knocking at your door.

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