Friday, November 4, 2011

Health and Fitness Update

So, we just finished week #2 of our new three week  workout plan. We have also made it through almost 2 full weeks of the Apple Cider Vinegar challenge. And I have completed not just the 20 sit-ups I agreed to, but I actually upped it to 25 this week.

Fred- my dear,dear husband of 18 years; never to be outdone decided to see my sit-ups and raise me.He was much, much braver than I. He decided to raise my ACV by adding it to a glass of milk one afternoon.

Truth be told- Fred is so horrified by the drinks taste, he was searching for SOMETHING-ANYTHING  to kill the flavor, and thought milk would do the trick. Which just goes to show you how little time Fred actually spends in the kitchen. He never knew that if you need to curdle milk quickly ( for a recipe that calls for buttermilk lets say) that you can simply add vinegar to it in order to curdle it. It takes just a few seconds to thicken the consistency of the whole glass of milk. It happens really fast actually. I'd say Just-about-the-time-you-begin-swallowing-it-down-your-throat! Peter was there to witness the show. He didn't puke but came dangerously close to it. I heard he was making some pretty awful sounds for a while afterwards. He is back to drinking it with water again now.

I am not sure if its making any difference whatsoever to be honest, but it doesn't seem to be hurting anything either. It is supposed to help build your immunity and since I haven't gotten sick in the last 2 weeks- that just might be true. I also haven't had any arthritis flare-ups but since I don't have arthritis I guess that doesn't count. (And yes- my blood pressure has always been good, thanks for asking) Come to think of it; Fred and I are probably just continuing at this point because neither of us want to lose the bet.

I have also added ground flax seed to my diet. I sprinkle it in my vanilla yogurt with a handful of granola and YUMM-EEEE. Seriously. All the benefits of flax seed, without having to bake. ( flax seed actually has amazing benefits- check them out here.)

I am running 2 miles a night on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and weight training afterwards + 25 sit-ups. On Tuesday and Thursday I do a 7 mile interval work-out on the bike. I can't decide which I like better, but I am enjoying getting in shape and feeling stronger.  One week to go til I hit my next goal!!!

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