Monday, November 14, 2011

Mystery Cake

Yesterday afternoon the kids found a big chocolate cake left outside our back door. They came running in to tell me about it. I have to admit I was curious, so out I went. Sure enough a chocolate cake was all alone in the great big back yard outside my door. No note.Nothing more.

I went through a mental checklist of who might have left it. Neighbors? Friends? Enemies?

Hmmmm. Curiouser and curiouser.

I told you last week that we have started doing Sunday night tea parties with Fairy Tales . This cake seemed to fit right into the plan. I slipped it into the refrigerator gingerly. The children could not get over the mystery. They asked me a hundred times who left the cake. Since none of my guesses seemed to answer their curiosity I finally said "Well, it could be a wicked witch that left it there for us all. Maybe it's poisoned and we'll all fall into a deadly sleep after eating it."

Their eyes grew to the size of pie pans. At tea time we set the whole table again. Sarah said one more time:

"Mom, who left the cake?"

I turned it around on her "Sarah, who do you think left the cake?"



"YES!" she answered giggling.

"Do you think it's poisoned?"

She grew very quiet, and then grew thoughtful

"No, it's not poisoned- I think she'll just come and chop off our heads later."

(She really wanted that cake!)

Needless to say it was really delicious and apparently (thankfully) not poisoned.In fact I am pretty certain that the intrigue behind the cake made it taste better somehow. We read The Princess and the Pea  and and The Six Swans while we gobbled and drank. I am still unsure who our mystery cake giver is today having checked out a few of the usual suspects, but am very grateful!

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