Thursday, November 24, 2011


***Matthew went through a reading program designed specifically for dyslexia about 6 weeks ago. He is making terrific progress and has wanted me to 'blog' about it for a while. I decided that instead of me doing the talking, it would be easier to simply let Matty show you where he was at himself, hence the video. After filming it we got into a venomous fight. The reason was NOT because Matthew was upset with reading for you all on video; but because he didn't like the sound of his voice on the film. He doesn't think it sounds anything like him 'in real life' and he almost refused to let me post the video with what he thinks is a girly voice. I am especially thanksful that he allowed me to finally post his progress.***

Matt's Top Ten:

#1 A loving family

#2 Good friends

#3 A good education

#4 a Big Home

#5 Good faith

#6 fishing

#7 Candy

#8 Steak

#9 Football

#10 dancing

(P.S. I'm getting better at reading.)

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