Monday, November 28, 2011


We have begun Advent as of yesterday. I really need Advent. It keeps me in the right frame of mind for the holidays. So many demands are placed on us at this time of year and unless we are firmly rooted in the why of the season, we can get burned out pretty quickly. The Advent wreath is out and has been lit for prayers twice now. To the kids, it is an much better time keeper than a calendar for the  'how soon til Christmas?' question. 

We also got one of those neat little Advent calendars with the chocolates inside. The kids each get a day to open the little door and snatch a piece of chocolate as they get closer and closer to baby Jesus' birthday. Tomorrow the Wise Men will appear in the furthest room of my house before prayers and lighting of the wreath. Every few days they'll start making the journey to the creche and the kids will get to move them from room to room bringer them closer at each stop. 

It's all so exciting and it should be! Jesus comes to us ALL each and every year. Some welcome Him, and some will just have no room, but He comes just the same. What a wondrous beautiful gift to behold on Christmas morn. 

Come Lord Jesus! 

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