Tuesday, November 1, 2011

24 Hour Sugar Rush

The last 24 hours have felt like one long sugar rush. Despite my best efforts children are, well, children. Whoever  coined the expression 'like taking candy from a baby' clearly didn't have any experience with my children. We have taken the 'candy bowl' from them several times already and finally had to resort to stealth tactics like grabbing handfuls while they weren't looking and tossing ( sticky things like lemon heads and lollipops) or hiding (chocolate). Mary and Sarah climbed onto the kitchen counter before we were even finished dinner tonight to have a free for all while we weren't looking. That kinda solidified the next decision we made. Tomorrow the children will wake up to a majorly depleted candy bowl with only pretzels left behind.( There were tons of Halloween pretzels in the bag this year.Yes, you read that right, Halloween pretzels. Apparently putting a picture of a pumpkin on a bag of pretzels turns them into a Halloween treat. Fred is convinced this is actually  a trick , and deserves egging.) They will think Fred went beserko and ate the whole bowl. I am not positive yet where they will get that idea from , but I promise to nourish and nurse it along once it takes root. As for me, well- I did just fine around the candy bowl! I have dropped yet another pound this week and there is no way in hell I would give up that hard earned work to a lame-o-piece of candy. Or two. Or three-hundred. There are not enough Reeces peanut butter cups on the planet to sway me at this point. ( plus the fact that almost no one gave out malted milk whoppers this year saving me from a major temptation! Alleluia!)

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