Sunday, September 4, 2011

Biscuit the Bunny

Matt's bunny died today. I posted about Biscuit the Bunny not too long ago. Mary went out this morning and found Biscuit in her cage very still. She told Joe, who told Matt, who went running to find his bunny. We're all sad, but no one as much as Matthew. He really loved Biscuit and took good care of her. We buried her in our front garden after saying a few prayers of thanksgiving, and placing a few special items with her. I told the kids it was O.K. to cry. Losing an animal is a tough lesson for kids. It comes in waves as they recognize the absence. It makes them 'grow up' a little, though I wish they didn't have to in that capacity. Tears come and go, and come again. I think I'll stick close to Matthew for a while.  

(F.Y.I.-Mary came to me not long after we buried the bunny and said "Mom, I went to my room and tried to cry about Biscuit dying, but I couldn't. Maybe somebody should hit me so then I could cry".)

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  1. Aww, please give Matt a hug from each of us. That is truly a difficult things for a child, or even anyone close to their furry family member. I wish I could be there to hug him in person. I will remember him in extra prayers this evening. And of course, thank you for the chuckle sharing what Mary said. I think you have some of the most wonderful (maybe THE most wonderful) kids ever. Love to all, especially Matt.