Saturday, September 17, 2011

Air Show Deja Vu

Today's headlines featured a terrible accident at an air show in Nevada. 9 people have died thus far and something like 75 critical injuries, when the plane accidentally dove into the crowd. It looks like the tail was broken before lift off.

When we lived in Vermont Fred took the family (Andrew, Peter, John-Paul and baby Matt was our size at the time)to an air show. Guess what happened? 2 of the stunt planes careened into one another and blew up. Both pilots died, but thankfully and unlike yesterday, they were the only casualties. It was a horror to behold. For as long as I live I will never need to see another air show. I was actually really surprised Fred took our boys to a Blue Angels and also Thunderbird's show since then. No THANK YOU, I'M FULL.

I am sorry for the loss of lives today. I know many in the stands will do what I did and never return. Fred on the other hand can go and watch an air show, but he hasn't gotten off Scott-free either. About once a month for years now, he has a recurring nightmare of being in a plane crash. I avoid them while awake, Fred runs from them in his sleep. I wonder which of us is better off?

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