Friday, September 9, 2011

And Now... Back to Our Show

Thanks for your patience during Intermission folks. Hopefully you all had time to get to the snack bar and restrooms. I love popcorn and raisinets personally, but I am sure many of you chose those nasty jujyfruits-(boo hiss)!Lets hope you are not holding a SUPER size drink that will make you miss some future post.

Lets see, I should probably catch you up on whats been going on around here since I last posted. Well, it has rained every day of the week. Alot. Buckets full. I actually like rain so that wasn't much of a problem.

The kids do too, but I am sick of all the wet clothing dropped all over the house and yard. On the worst day of rain Paige pulled up and dropped off a mysterious looking bag. It was labeled in BOLD BLACK letters, "The End IS Near!" Inside of the familiar white bag with the red bullseye on it, was a bag of Salt and Vinegar chips. Talk about hitting new lows! Wow. As if my family could be so easily swayed by a bag of potato chips. Like we'd  give up our allegiance to helping to save the masses during the future attack. Unconscionable. The chips were curiously good though. They were also gone in a nano-second. 
(I guess that means I will have to check out those fruit snacks at some point. )

Anyhow, we have made it through 3 weeks of classes successfully and are closing in on our first month. That is just aces with me. Fall is right around the corner and it also happens to be my favorite time of year. I can't wait for sweaters.

And soup.

I am still following the economy closely but generally have to take Dramamine before I log on these days. Thank God I am back to teaching and am obligated to spend many hours away from the computer. 

Well, now I am blathering on, so I'll end here for tonight and tell you more about the kiddos later . Hope you are all well. And,as always- thanks for stopping by!

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