Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Look

Sooooo, whaddaya think?

I had some down time today so I messed with the settings to change things up a little. I think its refreshing and crisp.

Anyway. Today is Mary Joan's birthday. She is a whole hand old. 5 big ones. There is no going back from this kind of  big. BIG GIRL status watch out.  She had a really wonderful day. Freddy took her fishing on his boat this afternoon and she actually caught a fish, all by herself. Fred said she almost lost the pole she was fighting so hard to reel it in. Talk about proud.

We had a big family party after supper. She got lots of presents,plus cake and ice cream (Sarah and I made the cake while she was out fishing. Sarah couldn't get enough sprinkles on to keep her happy-she just sprinkled and sprinkled and sprinkled).
(Her godmother sent her a wonderful box of gifts with this package of kazoos tucked into the bottom of the bag. Now I don't know whether to thank her or remove her as a friend on facebook! Just kidding Erin, major hit!)

I finished off the night with haircuts. All 8 men in the family have a fresh cut tonight. I cannot even begin to tell you how itchy I was by the time I got to Fred. I cannot imagine how anyone could be a hairdresser. Thank goodness I only wear that hat once ever 6-8 weeks. (They do look awfully nice when its all done though!) Now to prepare for school tomorrow....

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