Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sad Day

Well, this is what had to be done today. Its starts with a few leaves and before you know it the pool is blanketed with them. So, we buttoned things up this afternoon. Sarah and Michael and Mary helped out ( along with some of the older boys). Sarah was asking why we close up the pool. I answered her saying "when it gets too cold we don't use it do we?" She said we don't use it when its cold, but Santa does. Michael agreed. I am not quite sure how they know this.Anyway it is good to know Santa cares about physical fitness, especially with such a poor diet as his.

She then went on to say to me that she used to be 'scared of Santa', but now she isn't scared of Santa, she is 'brave of Santa' and 'nice of Santa' since he brings presents. It is fascinating to see the connections in little ones minds to me. As soon as the pool is closed, they are ready for Christmas. There seems to be only 2 seasons in their world swimming and Christmas. I know the rest of us 'pretend' there is more than this to pass the time, but they might just be right. 

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  1. Summer and Christmas sounds about right to me. (I love the new design, by the way.)