Saturday, September 10, 2011

Princesses and Fairy Tales

Before I start I need to say Happy Birthday to my God daughter and Little Princess  Maria! She is 5 years old today. I have been playing phone tag with her Mom all day with no success, so here is a little teeny eensy weensy Happy Birthday cake for you from me Sweet Maria!  ( actually all the boys picked out this picture cause they thought it was so cool that it was tiny!)  Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hope it was filled with lots of fun. I would imagine you could probably blow out the candles on this cake if you even yawned in its direction!

We picked up three new books today to continue our classical reading program for the younger kids. First a Collection of Fairy Tales (one of my all time favorites is The Princess and the Pea!)

Next Peter Pan. What a fantastic story. I cannot wait to see how they react to it. I have a feeling it will be a major hit.

Last Gullivers Travels. The political overtones in the story should make it interesting for everyone who is in earshot.
We did a lot of running around today and I am plum tuckered out. How 'bout you? Did you have a good Saturday?


  1. We had a great one. I got a ton of work done so I can relax and watch the first Ravens game (vs. Pittsburgh, gulp!) tomorrow after mass. As for Peter Pan, best book ever. My girls have been in love with it since as long as they could hear us read! If you really want to treat your whole family, get the audiobook with Jim Dale reading it. He is a fantastic reader (commissioned to do the Harry Potter books, which he has done to great acclaim!) He uses a different voice for every pirate and character, and it's just so great...especially for car rides. My girls still quote things from the book using his inflection and accent! So glad you had a great day! (This was a long comment!)

  2. PS: the audiobook is available through the library!