Monday, September 12, 2011

Dieting/Self Image

Fred and I are tackling health and dieting issues again. It seems really cyclical to be honest. I WAS doing great for a while, but then something better came along. Oh well. Before I knew it I had completely fallen off the healthy wagon. So last week I said the dreaded words aloud "I think I'm starting a diet/exercise program next week." As soon as the words left my mouth Fred said "I'm game- lets do it." That same afternoon he renewed our gym membership. So today Monday Sept. 12th My sister Celine's birthday,(SHOUT OUT- HAPPY BIRTHDAY CEE!) was our pick.

This morning I began. Not only did I eat right all day but after dinner we went directly for a run. My other sister Jacquie asked me this week what I did for exercise. Since I hadn't begun again I didn't even bother responding but tonight I can lay out my goals and keep myself accountable to you my wonderful readers:

Week1: Run a mile 5 days a week . Its actually OK to walk at times as I get back into gear. (That generally only lasts about 3 days then I am able to run a full mile.)
Week 2: Run 1.5 miles 5 days a week. ( this will be with a warm up and cool down)
Week 3: Run 2 Miles 5 days a week. ( warm up and cool down)
Week 4 : Run 2.5 miles 5 days a week
Week 5: Run 3 miles 5 days a week
Week 6: run 3 miles at a quicker pace then last week ( whatever that may be)

I will also be taking a sledgehammer to my scale calorie intake. Speaking of scales, I hate them. They are so brutally honest. They have absolutely no tact, or compassion. There is no discussion, no room for errors. They do not discriminate. It makes no difference if you have just gotten married, gone through a deep depression, or had your first or tenth kid- they just spit out the numbers willy-nilly. Gosh somebody has to fix that whole situation.(Incidentally, my kids do not call it a scale, they call it "The pound weigher") 

In any case Fred is most definitely a scale person. He weighed himself bright and early this morning and then went about his day accordingly, taking his directions from that heap of junk as if he were a 2 year old and it was his Mommy. Tonight after a long day and Monday night novena mass, he asked me what my weight target was.

You thought I had one?


It wasn't simply enough to go vegetarian ( which I love BTW), Sweat my tush off, AND cook 2 sets of dinner for the next six weeks, one of which everyone else will eat and then mine. So I climbed into the car and moaned out loud then said "You mean you want me to get on that thing?" Gosh-why don't you just shoot me now. He didn't say a word. On the way home I decided how much I weighed. I mentally pictured myself and could barely get the image to fit in my brain. A sweat beaded up on my forehead as I walked into the bathroom.

The good news is I am 12 pounds under what I pictured myself to be. That tells me 2 things:
1-I don't see myself correctly, and 2-I hate all mirrors.

The bad news is I am tempted to feel like I have already lost 12 pounds on the first day and throw in the towel when the going gets tough ( like TONIGHT!).

Anyway, it is good to start. I really DO feel better when I exercise. I like the changes and the mental clarity it brings. It brings order to all parts of my life. I am also really grateful Fred and I can spend some time together with this. The boys all jump in too, and use the work-out room and the pool. The Fall is already my favorite time of year, so spending time out in the crisp air during the beautiful weather is so appealing.

I hope you'll all hold me to it and cheer me on from time to time! I am setting a six week goal for myself just cause I am a goal oriented person. Keep me honest! Look out October 24th, here I come.

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