Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ron Paul

Ok, I have to finally say it out loud. I really like Ron Paul. This is brand new for me so let me tell you why. I don't know a whole heck of a lot about politics. I am interested in it, but not terribly educated in it. This past year, particularly this past Summer I began reading more and more about the economy. Gosh, that was an eye opening experience. It made life a whole lot simpler for me in many ways. I realized that a lot of what appears to be Republican versus Democratic in-fighting  has more to do with the Fed and economic policies than either party. 

I decided I had to take a closer look at all the parties. I began to understand why well meaning folks from both sides of the aisle seemed to agree with their party for some reasons, but typically not for all reasons. Next, instead of looking across the choices I was given by 'the parties', I simply tried to imagine what I would want my president to look like. Kind of how I would go about picking out something else I thought was important like an engagement ring, or a wedding dress, or a new car. I didn't want to just walk in and say "Whatcha got?" and grab the first thing the clerk handed me off the shelf.  I wanted to picture it more or less in my mind ahead of time so I would be able to recognize it when I did see it.

So I mentally made up a list of characteristics  that I thought were important and  hammered out some qualifications alongside of that to boot. I figure I am the one with the power. It is my vote. No one else can use this vote but me. I want it to count. I better do the work. 

And once all the hard work was done I simply waited til something caught my eye. And Ron Paul has. Really. I finally said it out loud to Fred one day; more as a test run than anything else. "I think I really like Ron Paul."  He was quiet and then asked "Why?" So we got to talking, and at the time I told him what I knew about his economic views and how vital I think they are to our nation, since everything else seems to be hinging on that currently. But after some careful listening Fred said the truth I knew would be waiting to be spoken out loud "Ya know lots of people don't like him much Elle- for his other views." and I gulped hard and said "Yeah I think you're right, but I still haven't figured that part out yet." Kinda feeling like the kid who hadn't read all the chapters on the book and could only answer up to a certain point on the test. He must have some jumbo skeletons in the closet I had missed, because everyone had excused this man from the race.

So, we left the conversation alone for then. In the meantime I went back to the internet and found Ron Paul's website. I then buried myself in it. I read where he stands on the issues.Surprise surprise- I couldn't find anything I didn't agree with. More time went by and Fred came home another day. Ron Paul's name came up again. This time he explained what he found out:" lots of people don't agree with where he stands on wars." I told Fred I read his stuff and I was pretty sure I didn't agree with lots of people on where we stood with wars. Fred smiled and said "me too." I do think we are spread too thin in a whole lot of places. Goodness if you're gonna want to change my mind you'll have to do better than that. 

He appeals to me beyond all else, because he isn't schmoozing all the time. His face reads like a man who has worked hard every day of his life for many years. He may not be polished before the cameras- why should he be? If he is deeper than that, can't I be? Isn't it time we stopped primping for cameras and got serious?

I know lots of people laugh at this man -though I wonder who should be laughing at who? I know the main stream media does not consider him 'real material' but I want you to know something- I do. He may never make it to the ticket, but then again, maybe he will. Maybe I'm not the only person who took the time to research candidates. Maybe other people care too. Maybe its the media who need a a bit of a shake up. But all of that is besides the point quite honestly. I was looking for the real thing and he's the closest I've found so far. So I don't really care if anyone else likes him, I don't have their vote, I only have mine- but I intend to use it. 


  1. I couldn't have said it better!! He inspired me to run for Congress. I have lawn signs and you can join the Frederick County Ron paul Meet-up at:

  2. Dr.Ron Paul cured my political apathy. So much so, I decided to run for the Maryland House of Delegates, legislative district 45, this past 2010 election cycle.

    Ron Paul transcends a man. He brings a message. It's one of peace, liberty and prosperity. To all who heed his wisdom, raise up and let your voice be heard. Turn on the lamp of liberty and cast away the shadows of tyranny.

    Our time is now!