Tuesday, September 27, 2011


A few days ago, in the midst of a bunch of trials I was really feeling low. Not only did the world look bleak, but when I looked at my life and the mistakes I've made,my failings and shortcomings, I had a recipe for disaster. I was doing my best to keep the glum feeling to myself, but was also whispering for help from above to break the whirlwind.

Suddenly Andrew turned to me and said "Mom, you know what I learned in Religion today?" and being in a fog I kinda muttered "what?" He then proceeded to stand up, which always catches me by surprise. Since he is my first born son, and I can still remember his cries in the hospital room and now he towers over me; "Do you know HOW you are made in God's image?" I wasn't understanding his question and my face showed a puzzled look. "Mom, do you realize what it is that makes us different from the animals and more like God- in His image?" Now I was intrigued and I began to think and wondered out loud "Is it my free will?" and he smiled and shook his head "NO". "Its not my ability to choose?" "NO"."I know the difference between right and wrong?" "Nope" "Then I don't know". He looked up at me and said "Its your ability to LOVE Mom. That is what we can do,we can be good to others and give of ourselves not just out of instinct or for selfish reasons.We can do it just because we want to be good. We are able to LOVE and since God is LOVE (God =Love) we are able to be like Him when we love."

The day seemed to stand still for me then. All my failings and sins, my shortcomings and vices, swallowed up in a single word -- LOVE. Not only did it strike me that Andrew had been used in that moment by Christ who knows every hidden thing, but I could also see Gods tenderness in that moment to reach out and answer such a small prayer in my heart with such a giant wave of His mercy. It was such a gift to my soul.

Isaiah 11 has those magnificent words "And a child shall lead them"...indeed,and sometimes our own child.

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