Monday, September 19, 2011


The following is an actual accounting of a phone call I made this morning:


Good Morning, thank you for calling Verizon, may I help you?

Hi,  I am having trouble with my phone line for the last few days.

Can I verify your name and address?

Sure go ahead.BLAH BLAH BLAH.

OK.What seems to be the problem today?

I am having trouble recieving calls. The phone rings once and then cuts off the caller before I can answer it.

OH,OK. Thank you Ma'am. I am sorry you are having trouble with your phone and internet.

I'm not having trouble with my internet-just my phone.

Oh, your internet is working?


 allright ma'am.Do you have a call back number where we can reach you?

That depends on if I am able to get to you by the first ring.

Why's that?

Because if you call me the phone will ring once and then cut you off unless I can make it there by the first ring.

OH OK. Ma'am, do you have caller ID?


OK I see.Do you have a cell phone I can reach you at?

No. only a land line.

OK. Well I'll tell you what, let me try the line right now while you're on it.

Excuse me?

Would you mind Ma'am if I put you on hold while I try your line- so I can see if it happens to me?

You'll get a busy signal.

Well let me just try, can I put you on hold?


 (cue brief musical interlude)



I'm getting a busy signal.

Thats because I am on the line with you.



Do you have an email address?


OK thats Blankityblankity @

No. Its .net.

excuse me Ma'am?

Its dot NET not dot COM. Its actually your company's email.

OK. How about a cell phone?

No I already told you I have no cell phone.

OH  thats right.Can I send you an email about our services?


Would you like it to be forwarded to your cell as a text message?

silence now on my end.

OH RIGHT You don't have a cell phone.

Well, I'll have a repair man come out tomorrow morning.


I hang up. sigh deeply. walk into the next room. And....the phone rings....ONCE.

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  1. You're not the only one dealing with people like this. It's such a frustrating thing to deal with. Why can't people do their job. Whether it is ordering a simple burger at a fast food place or phone company, bridal company, insurance... You name it, seems like there aren't any more people out there that actually have common sense.