Friday, July 15, 2011

Biscuit Gets a New Home!

This is Matthew.

Matthew wanted  a pet for a really long time.
His parents wanted to make him happy.
They also didn't want an animal that required too much care.

This is Biscuit.

Biscuit is a bunny.
Biscuit is a good bunny.
Biscuit is Matthew's pet bunny.
She runs and plays in the living room each night.
She is quiet and well behaved.
But Biscuit has a small cage.
Biscuit doesn't like her small cage.
Boo small cage!

This is Andrew.

Andrew is Matthews big brother. One day, Andrew saw that his little brother Matthew was sad. "Why are you so sad Matty?" Andrew asked. Matthew answered "Because my  pet Bunny has a cage that is too small."

 Poor Matty.
Poor Biscuit.

So Andrew thought. He thought and thought. Suddenly, he got an idea! Then Andrew drew. Andrew's Mom asked Andrew if he needed any help. Andrew said "No." Andrew's Dad asked if Andrew needed any help. Andrew said "No."

See Andrew build.
See Andrew build a cage.
See Andrew build a cage for Biscuit the Bunny.
Build Andrew build!

When Andrew was done Matthew got to put Biscuit in her new cage. Biscuit liked the cage.

 Biscuit was happy. Matthew was happy. Andrew was happy. Everyone was happy. Yay, Biscuit! You have a new cage!

The End.

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