Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So my sis called me on Saturday to suggest it might be nice to visit my brother Greg who was in Southampton at my Mom's beach house for the weekend. Most of you probably know Greg has cancer...ugh. He has been battling it for about 3 years now. So we packed up rather quickly and headed out of town. Greg was genuinely happy to see all the kids (who isn't better for seeing a whole gaggle of happy little faces?)

So I was suddenly thrust into a whole lot of family. My own family is so big I sometimes forget how huge my extended  origins are also. Goodness there are lots of people I am related to out there! My Mom hugged me so hard I can still feel it. She just came to life when the kids came in.

And of course my own children get very happy to see cousins and make the very most out of every minute they can. For a short visit there certainly was a lot accomplished.

We went to the bay, and the ocean ( Fred told me a few years ago that there is almost nothing in the world he enjoys more then swimming in the surf. It surprised me since the ocean is so powerful it scares me most of the time and so,  I cannot imagine wanting to rush into that.In any case, once he told me that, I have made a concerted effort to join him when he goes to the ocean since it means so much to him)...

We played shuffleboard....

And saw more cousins....

And we went to the bird sanctuary as well. Not one of the children missed an opportunity to catch a bird for a second as it landed on their hands to feed.

 I am very happy we listened to the suggestion. (Thanks Jacq for the call!)

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