Monday, July 11, 2011


While many of you know I have a brother Greg, this post is not about him. It is also not about Greg Brady or even  Gregory the Great.  I am writing of a different Greg altogether here. This Greg is Andrews' best friend. He also is a prolific writer. I find that unusual for a kid his age. Greg is homeschooled and attends the same co-op we do during the academic year. Many of his tutors remark on what a terrific student he is overall. He comes from an absolutely wonderful family. He is funny and clever and just plain nice. 

Greg  has a passion for writing. In fact he has inspired Andrew to write for fun, which makes him singularly loved by me for that fact alone. When I see Andrew on his facebook account at night, it is generally Greg he is chatting with about new characters that emerge in his work. He really wrestles with the whole experience, drafting and editing chapter after chapter. This on top of all his 'regular' school work. 

Recently he was a quarter finalist for a book he submitted to ABNA (That stands for Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award) .  He has also decided to self publish a book called Mordred which is a based largely on Arthurian legend. Pretty amazing  for a 16 year old if you ask me. I am so glad someone is still interested in Arthurian legends- we must not lose sight of Merlin for too long! 

Yesterday Greg posted a link to his new blog site on my facebook wall and asked me to 'visit'. I would ask each of you to stop by there as well and leave a word of encouragement for him if you don't mind. Our young folk need all the encouragement they can find these days, especially if they are talented and trying to find their niche! I also intend to buy a copy of his new book on amazon- he is selling it for 3.00- yes you read that correctly! THREE DOLLARS! (You now also know why young writers will always be starving since even when publishing  their own work  they'd rather give it away then ask for a proper price!)  Just think how lucky you are to be getting in at this early stage in a promising young writers career! I am certainly not going to miss the opportunity, I urge you to do likewise. I look forward to many wonderful tales ahead.
(To purchase Mordred click here.)

Congratulations Gregory on publishing your first novel!

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