Thursday, July 14, 2011

Barbie and Berries

We had a fun day around these parts ! First a secret package arrived for the three little girls. They could hardly contain themselves ( except to be honest poor little LO-Lo who wasn't really feeling terrific today) .

 It turned out to be a Barbie movie from their big girl cousin Ciara! (Yippee Ciara!!!- moving into the number one cousin spot- woohoo!!!) It REALLY made their day Ciara, so Thank you and anyone else who might have had a hand in it!

I have to be honest here and tell you my girls don't really know anything about Barbie. They have no Barbie dolls and have never seen a Barbie movie. You can only imagine how excited they were to suddenly have a movie about Barbie and the Diamond Castle. I'd like to report that they were the only ones to enjoy the Barbie movie but uh-hummm I found that wasn't entirely true.( Can you spell B-L-A-C-K-M-A-I-L?)

I think its a good thing the picture is a bit blurry but this is a shot of the 2 little girls sitting together on the chair while each of their brothers slowly creeped up and watched along and giggled and enjoyed it just as much.

Second- Andrew is working on a project here that I am hoping to be able to post some pictures of soon, but its not quite ready yet so I'll have to ask you to wait.)

This evening Fred went back out after the raspberries growing wild along the driveway. We managed to make two batches this evening and have enough left for one more in the morning plus a little for the kids to eat with their vanilla yogurt. It came out really well.

How was your day?

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