Saturday, July 9, 2011


The Catoctin Youth Association held an outing for all the track team at Hershey today! Yay Hershey. So Fred took all seven sons to the park for the day. He told me he'd take lots of pictures so I could post for you all. I spent the day with the three little girls ( with a few stop by friends). Its was a quiet day compared to most.
Ok so now here are the pictures you've been dying to see from the boys trip....
Get Ready....
Here goes....

OK whad'ya think?
What did you miss them?
OH, maybe not. Maybe its not your fault at all Dear Reader that you cannot see pictures of the park. Maybe in fact someone ( or 8) were having SO MUCH FUN they forgot to take pictures! FOR THE ENTIRE DAY! UGH! 
Sorry bout that. You do know of course if it had been the GIRLS who went to Hershey, there would have been pictures!!!!

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