Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Bad Dinner

This is what was going on in our house today:

Needless to say the rest of the kitchen was off limits making dinner quite a challenge. I wound up doing macaroni in the pasta boat (yuck- I still hate that thing but cannot seem to get away from it for emergency purposes). I also made a Mexican dish with refried beans, black beans, corn, tomatoes, red onion, cheese and sour cream. I thought it was good, but it wasn't well liked.

I think the kitchen will be off limits again tomorrow for grouting purposes, so  its going to look like another bad dinner. Believe it or not, that is something that really bothers me.( ask Fred and the kids) I really like dinner to be special and  for everyone to feel like they had what they wanted and are content. I don't mind an occasional take-out night or a mistake due to busy days, but a dinner where no one likes the food isn't dinner.
After *not* having dinner-we headed down to St Joe's to drop off the last contents of our basement to the ladies sodality. This is the stuff we've accumulated from Bob's uncle and could not find a home for as yet. The job now belongs to this good group of women. The proceeds will go toward the restoration of the stained glass windows so they were really happy to have so many nice items to sell. I was really happy to be rid of most of them! (I almost cannot bring myself to say this out loud- we are heading back tomorrow to help him one last time with another room or two. I keep telling myself it won't be so bad- I get there and cannot believe how much volume we have to deal with.)

Anyway, Fred ended the day by taking the kids raspberry picking in the back yard. We've been watching them  turn and have been on alert for ripeness for the last few days. Tonight was the night. Fred better get the floor done quick if he wants me to turn out some raspberry jam!


  1. You know what's crazy? It is no easier with just two people. My husband's the family cook, and it kills him when his dinners fail (which is so rare, in my opinion because 1. he's a fantastic cook and 2. I am not having to cook). Also, while I will just eat whatever from the fridge if I get home from work really late, it bums him out to not have a "proper dinner."

  2. I'm utterly spoiled. My husband NEVER asks for anything. I think after living out of a microwave or cereal bowl for so many years, he doesn't expect a single thing from me! When he DOES allow me to make us a nice dinner, he's the most grateful man on the planet raving over and over about how good everything is. I honestly feel so spoiled. Watch this baby be a super picky eater and not like ANYTHING I make... then I'll get what I really deserve.

    The floor looks great as does the kitchen and all the windows. Do they look out on the pool? I cannot believe how much your home has changed since I've been for a visit. Awesome job Freddy!