Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goldilocks and the Three Legares

Every morning we are awoken in pretty much the same way. Michael comes running in to ask a question:


Me: "Yes Michael"

Michael: "Can I go outside to catch some frogs"

Me: "No Michael its too early."

Michael: "OK".

Me: "Maybe in a little while"

Michael : "OK.Then can I have a bowl of cereal?"

Me: "Yes Michael you can."

From there my dream like trance begins and I stumble to the coffee pot. Fred actually does the pouring, sugaring, and stirring because even though I wake in a decent mood, I don't really talk or function until I have enough coffee in my system to realize I am actually still alive and part of the human race.

So the little ones, meaning Michael, Mary, and Sarah in this scenario, bumble around the kitchen getting bowls and spoons and cereal and milk.  For the first half of the week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  its cereal and Thursday  and Friday its usually oatmeal. The reason for this is the cereal is gone by then. 

For you curiosity readers who just want to know what big families eat, we go through 6 boxes of cereal a week. I buy 4 boxes of good cereal ( nutritious)and 2 boxes of sugary stuff. The sugary stuff goes first and usually to the older boys who nab it as fast at they are able. On weekends we'll Fred makes pancakes or eggs. Its the same with snacks. The kids are allowed one box of cookies or treat a day, and one bag of chips, and if they want other snacks it has to be fruit or real food like cheese or yogurt. I wish we were actually 'better' about food, but I have made some changes that are meaningful in the last few years, mostly due to the influence of good friends and neighbors who are more thoughtful about what they eat and why. We are getting there. Progress not perfection.One last note is that invariably if someone stops over the children, being clever little imps, will ask me if they can have some snack they KNOW they are not allowed to and since I am engrossed in conversation- I smile and say yes. Same goes with phone calls. 

Anyway, the little ones begin their breakfast but always seem to get sidetracked. They hop up from the table and go to look for creatures, or birds, or a toy. And that's when she strikes. Who is this masked culprit you ask? None other then Sophia Grace- affectionately referred to as Lo-Lo by all of us here at Me and My House. Lo-Lo ( short for So-So,which is  already short for Sophia) begins squawking  when she hears the others at the table and Fred and I cannot really wait to pick up her chunky little body and kiss her about a billion times. We bring her out to sit with us as we slurp down the coffee and  then she creeps into the kitchen  when she hears the others take off. 

Morning after morning she climbs onto the chairs of the baby bear Sarah, the Mama Bear Mary, and the Papa Bear Michael - and slurps down all their porridge. They come back EVERY SINGLE DAY asking who's been sitting in their chair, and who's been eating from their bowl. Sophielocks doesn't bother to run off though.She eats every last drop of food and moves to the next bowl and does it again, and then again. By the time she is finished she needs a bath. Of course Fred and I are finally  fully awake by this point and going for our second cup of java when we realize  she has struck. 

I have never really been sure of the moral of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Is it not to steal? Or perhaps to keep better guard of your possessions? How about don't gorge yourself? Its a mystery to me. In any case Sophielocks makes out like a bandit I assure you. The three little bears- not so much. 

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  1. So cute! I'm amazed you have the wherewithal to operate a camera in the morning. Sophie is a doll.