Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Republic of Awesome

Are any of you tired of politics? We can't seem to get away from them in these parts lately. I know I have shared an awful lot of my views already so I won't reiterate them here again (at least not tonight). But I have to tell you about an interesting conversation John-Paul and I have been having. When I was expressing my disgust with some aspects of how our society runs, and the generalized corruption of government officials, we began talking about what options there were. Brilliantly John-Paul suggested we start our own micro-nation.
I had no idea what a micro-nation was until JP started filling me in.Apparently you can begin your own nation without too much trouble. The main gist of it goes something like this: You must make a formal ( and persistent) claim over a piece of land as its sovereign.Size is pretty irrelevant. You can then establish rules, laws, and government structure- some go as far as developing currencies and flags- but we might let that develop over time and- Voila! Of course in my mind, the most important aspect is naming your new micro-nation. John-Paul initially heard of a micro-nation called The Republic of Awesome. When I became more serious about the whole micro-nation idea, I inquired what JP might like to call our new micro-nation. You see already you can tell as sovereign I would be far more civilized and orderly than what most of us experience today. I am willing to 'collect' opinions and ideas before things even get underway. How open of me.Until of course John-Paul replied "OK Mom, how about :The Republic of Awesomer!"  EPIC FAIL.
Not nearly original enough. He may have good ideas, but certainly JP could at best be a cabinet member. He  mighht even be forced to work in a factory if he shoots his mouth off too much.We cannot simply try to keep up with smallish neighboring micronations, or copy-cat them, we must strike out on our own! Land of the somewhat free, home of the sometimes brave! A name really is important and someone else around here must understand that too. Enter my dear Fred, and soon to be prime minister. I asked Fred what sort of name he might prefer. His responses were Daddyoland, and second Daddyotopia. Another FAIL. No one begins by naming the country after the second in command. Didn't they teach him anything in school? Maybe Peter would do a better job at coming up with a name Ponydustpan was his choice. Ummm. OK. (Not) I would have asked Andrew, but you all know Andrew by now.Andrew is far too busy drafting the laws and setting himself up as the secretary of defense to consider a mere name,but I am sure he will strongly object to whatever Peter put forwards and probably arrest him for it to see if an enemy spy put him up to his selection. Other choices were: 

 The Republic of Zombie

 I think I'll have to make an executive decision here and just name our new territory The Empire of Ellenopolis. All citizens will be known formally as Ellenopians.
There. Now that the name is settled, we can start our modified tyrannical diplomatic rule.I promise I'll be nice as long as you do exactly what I say. I am also allowed to give honorary citizenship to whomever I desire, so long as they are good and worthy creatures. You needn't even live here with the rest of the Ellenopians, you can just stop by and bask in our glow from time to time. Let me know if you're ready for some real changes!


  1. The RoA is awesomer than any other republic of awesome out there!
    We are awesomer than Prussia!

  2. :) By which comment, you identify yourself Sasha.

    Hi! The above comment was by my daughter, one of the founders of the original Republic of Awesome as a joke back in 2010. Unfortunately a journalist from The Atlantic came across their wiki site when he was googling micronations and cited them in two articles. Sadly this has gone to the girls' heads, given them courage and they've annexed our back yard. Apparently it is now known as "New Holland 2: Revenge of the Dog Slobber".

    1. Love it! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Mum, that comment above wasn't me. Oh gosh. 0_0