Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nap Time

Neither Fred nor I are nap people. I don't take naps, though I am not opposed to others doing so. Fred would never need to nap; just wind him up and he is good for about 20 hours. I, on the other hand feel tired plenty, but I just don't take naps. Today reminded me why. I woke early, said my prayers, went for a run, fed the girls breakfast and began school. The boys woke slightly later today, so I let them take their time waking and eating before they entered the classroom. I managed to finish most of the little ones just before noon and then headed to mass. I came home swallowed something ( don't remember what-seriously) and then headed back in, to complete schooling with the rest of the kids. 

Somewhere around 2 pm my head started throbbing. I did my best to wish it away before taking some Tylenol. By 2:45 school was complete but my head was simply splitting. I  decided that maybe if I just slept for a few minutes it might help. So I put on a show and settled the  kids and climbed onto the couch to close my eyes. As I began to drift off I thought to myself "Gee this is so nice, I wonder why I never do this???" 20 minutes later Sarah started fighting with one of her brothers and I was awake. But thats OK, I was only looking for a few minutes and I actually got it! 

I stood up to go check on the dinner which was really starting to smell good by this point. As I rounded the corner I spied Lo lo on a chair in front of the pantry. The ENTIRE floor, table, chairs were covered in a white powder. Mixed in with the white powder was speckles of colors. Horrified I stepped closer to find one whole bag of confectioners sugar, and one whole bag of flour virtually empty, next to them lay a small jar of multi colored sprinkles. 

Of course my memory was sharp as a tack by this point, flooding me with memories of Andrew  getting into food coloring at 2 years old, and Peter powdering himself  with 30 ounces of baby powder at 3 years old.  Right, I actually learned something from those good ole days. If you fall asleep on the job- all mishaps are your own fault! 

Some of you wonderful people have children that are normal. I do not. If I close my eyes for 20 minutes I am doomed. 

Next time I'll brew a pot of coffee.

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