Thursday, September 6, 2012


I don't know about most of you folks, but we have been watching conventions and politicians around here for a while now. My top pick of course was Ron Paul, but that hasn't worked out so well. Mitt Romney sounds a lot like an ice cream flavor to Fred so its kind of hard to swallow ( pun intended). Mostly I am simply AMAZED at how both sides continue to scream "we have to work together!" and in the next sentence take a swipe or give an elbow and pretend  no one saw. Some of it is fun, some of its plain awful. 

You may remember my cousin Bob, who is a die hard Democrat and dearly beloved by all in our household. Today in the midst of emails I decided I needed to break the news to him that I really dig Paul Ryan. Of course, its important to be delicate in these matters as I really do believe there are PLENTY of good folks on both sides of the aisle that have the best of intentions even if we strongly disagree. But how could I come up with a good reason or two for Bob or any of my other Democrat friends  and family for simply loving Paul Ryan without adding further division to our nation?

Bob, Sarah and me at Harpers Ferry last year
Whats a girl to do?

Then I remembered something. There is a story I read about my favorite author C.S. Lewis once, a ways back, that told of his being raised in a strongly anti-Catholic environment. Some people have speculated that his early upbringing was something he was never able to overcome and the reason he never joined the Catholic Church despite how closely he came. I always gave him a mental pass for that one. Some times it just isn't our fault we are the way we are. I also realized I gave plenty of people mental passes afterwards for all sorts of reasons figuring they just didn't see things the way I did and vice-versa. 

What follows is a top ten list of reasons I think any of my Democrat family and friends will be able to give me a mental pass for liking Paul Ryan while still keeping bipartisanship in tact.It complete eliminates all the important stuff like  pro-life positions and fiscal policies ( and allows you to think me shallow and act as if I just haven't done my homework). Most of these facts were gleaned from his facebook page.( yes- I friend-ed him!) I sent it to Bob today and haven't heard back yet, so who knows what will happen. At least its worth a try. Hope you enjoy:


10) He is born in 1970 ( so am I)

9) He loves CS Lewis ( Mere Christianity-wow! yes! )

8) He is Roman Catholic ( really? what a coinkidink!)

7) He loves Austrian Economics ( um- yeah )

6 ) He likes Monty Python (me too! )

5) His favorite movie is The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly (can still recall watching this with my Dad_ God rest his soul. Yet another thing Paul Ryan and I have in common- lost a Dad young)

4) Considers 2 cups of coffee  in the morning a weakness ( gosh I didn’t know ANYONE else on the planet felt that way except me!)

3) He works out 5 days a week ( yup! )

2) OK, I’ll say it- he’s just damn cute!

1) Lastly, he is from the great state of Wisconsin where my beloved  Democrat cousin Bob  Mackreth lives!!!!! How could I possibly dislike that????

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  1. I agree completely, though of all their films I prefer "Holy Grail"... wait, you said you like Paul Ryan? I thought you said you liked "The Life Of Brian." Never mind then-- I really must clean out my ears.