Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mary Turns Six

new dresses from Aunt Hilary
This is hard for me to believe, but my little Mary Joan turned six today! I think its hard to believe because I am still getting used to having daughters, instead of just sons, and yet that happened six years ago already. Wow. She is such a little sweetie.We celebrated with new dresses from Aunt Hilary ( and Mary insisted we take pictures right away as Aunt Hil wanted to see us!) We watched Matilda, Mary was allowed to choose any dinner she liked best and decided on Happy Meals for everyone ( Oh well, it made the little ones night) Not only did she smile happily at every present, she actually shared them and seemed glad to do so. Mary has turned our world upside down and in every way we are better for it. Here are some shots of the party and games that followed.  Happy Birthday Mary!

waiting for her cake
Sarah and LoLo helped decorate
we played pass the parcel, musical chairs, and dead fish


  1. Happy Birthday Miss Mary! So happy for you!

  2. I know, 6 years! It was such a big deal that you had a girl and now you've got these 3 little beauties. Can't believe it's been so so long since I've seen you all. Matching dresses so cute. Thanks for the pics!! Tell her Godmama looooves horses:-) ~ Erin