Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Changes

I didn't want to post this until I was really sure and we were a few weeks into it. (No- I am not pregnant). BUT our darling little Lo Lo is pretty much potty trained! Maybe that seems like a small accomplishment to you,but the magnitude of this could not get much bigger in my life currently. I have just potty trained my tenth child. I don't have any diapers in my house, and I haven't in 2 weeks. I also don't have a crib, a high chair,  a changing table or a bottle anywhere in sight. 

If those numbers haven't impacted you yet, maybe these figures will help you understand a bit better. Fred and I have changed approximately 60,552 diapers in our life. No I am not joking.Yes there are apps for this on the internet. Some of my kids were relatively easy to train, others were not. The approximate cost for this winds up being about 16 grand. OUCH! (When parents look at brazen little teenagers, who think they know everything, and wonder what their parents have ever done for them; diapers are what parents think back on.)

For those eco-conscious friends of mine out there, I should also mention that I started out using cloth and only moved on to disposable when no one could decided which was worse for the environment in the great diaper debate. As far as I know, the verdict is still out .If you'd like to know what I think as the wise mother of ten children - it is ALL completely toxic.Far worse than nuclear waste. None of it could possibly be good for the environment, or any of our health, NO ONE should ever have to change a diaper in their entire life- particularly if they happen to be pregnant with another child at the time-and feeling nauseous- or unable to eat -or suffering from a stomach flu- or a headache-or insomnia-or any of the million awful inconveniences in our ordinary days. Diapers are one of those incredibly unfair parts of life. And I was dealt a particularly difficult hand. But all that is-a-changing!( did ya get it...changing???)

I am not sure what I will do with all the extra time and money, but I am open to ideas. 

I am seriously happy and very proud of LoLo!



  1. Go Lo-Lo! You may just become your mother's new favorite for this very reason... that and you look like a female version of Michael! ;)

  2. Yayyy!!! I am just beginning and you are ending.