Sunday, September 23, 2012

Showcase Showdown

Fred and I had a cool experience today. Its the last week of the month and my food budget is running low. I mentioned this to Fred on the way into the grocery store that I had exactly 167.00 to spend for the week and that he should shop accordingly. We both nodded on the rules and took our separate shopping carts to either end of the store, working our way back to the middle. It makes it pretty hard to stay on track when there are two of you both shopping and trying to hit an impossible goal.Oh well. Gotta try your best. As we checked out, we wondered out loud if we had hit our goal. The cashier heard us talking and asked what the goal was. I smiled and said "we need to stay below  167.00" Both of us looked over our items and felt sure we'd gone over. It must have been Fred's tub of ice cream, thought I- while Fred mentioned it must have been the red potatoes over the whites that did us in. 

Finally the total came up $166.97. My mouth hung open, Fred's mouth hung open, the cashiers mouth hung open. She told us we most definitely should get an award. We both laughed as we packed the bags. 

Who was she kidding? An award? In my mind I just won the showcase showdown! Both of them! We came to within a dollar without going over! I want balloons, and cars, and new living room furniture for that kind of 'in sync-ness'.  

Fred says Bob Barker ain't got nothing on us today. 

True dat!

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