Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Teacup

Grandma and Grandpa are here visiting for the weekend. My kids have not stopped eating cream puffs since they walked through the door. Angela has been busy playing ring-around-the-Rosie with the little girls. The older boys are picking Phil's brains for stories of his naval days. Its been a good day so far!

ring around the rosie
Phil and Sarah
A few days ago when Angela was getting ready to come down she called and asked if I wanted her to bring anything ( she meant pecan pie, or napoleons, or some sweet). I told her we were all good. She told me if I changed my mind I should call her back. Two days later I called her back. I'll share the conversation with you.
She answered in her high English voice :


Hi Angela

Hi Elle, I'm getting so excited for the visit!

Me too.

Are you sure I can't bring you something?

Well, actually yes, you can- that's why I'm calling.

OK. What would you like? ( sweetness oozing from her lips by this point)

OK. Can you bring me a teacup?

(Silence....then finally an annoyed impertinent tone)

Ellen, are you mad? ( meaning crazy)

No. Not right now.

I am NOT bringing you one of my teacups.

OK, you don't have to. You just told me if I thought of something I should ask.

 Ellen, WHY do you want me to bring you one of my teacups?

Well, because I collect teacups, and my Mom has given me a couple now, and some friends, so I just thought it would be nice to have one from you in my collection.

Dammit, Ellen I am not giving you any of my good teacups.

OK.No problem.I was just asking.

OK, good.

( silence again)

And if I did-you certainly cannot have my good Belleek one.


If I give you any it won't be a good one.

It doesn't have to be Angela. It just has to be from you.

No.( sigh) OK, dammit- you're a pain.

I know but just think about it.

She showed up today with this little beauty.

She tells me this is not one of her good teacups. Its just an old family thing. She got it from her great-grandmother, who gave it to her grandmother Amelia who was from Gal way Bay, which was given to the Munn family (her Mother), and then on to her.  Tuscany china  is located  in Stafford-shire England,you may know it better for the company it eventually became better known as -Wedgwood. Its late 1800's.


Once she saw it on my shelf, she said matter-of-factly "Ellen, that looks nice there. When I become gravely ill, you can have the Belleek teacup too, come and get it." To which I burst out laughing and she did too, while we both hugged each other.

Yup, pretty much sums up how we interact. Should be a fun weekend.

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