Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sean White Stride

OK, it is official. Fred confirmed while we were out Christmas shopping yesterday that he too believed that Sean White Stride gum actually had flavor that lasted just a little too long. My boys totally disagree. They think chewing gum can't have too much flavor. The whole point they say, is for it to last and last. 

But seriously who wants to chew on gum that never loses its flavor? You never know when to stop. Your goal is never accomplished. A dear friend told me recently that "I chew gum like a New Yorker". (Before I say anything else any of you NEW YORKERS out there are free to hurl insults here.) By that she really meant that I chew gum 'vigorously'. Which is true. And if I chew gum vigorously and cannot get it to lose its flavor, that is really some kinda  gum. 

I guess I just don't want to be bored when I chew gum, and any gum that doesn't ever lose its flavor is sure to bore me after a while. Maybe they could find a way to morph the flavor after a time to keep things interesting?

You better know what this is a picture of or I don't want you commenting on my blog!

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