Monday, December 26, 2011

Good But Not Great

I'll have you all know that I could absolutely succeed in beating you at a game of operation presently. My skills were rusty, but that's a thing of the past now. Just ask Peter.

I could also do some serious damage at double shut the box

And I haven't even begun brushing up on my backgammon skills yet, so watch out:

And if I don't see any food until next week, that'd be OK with me too. I am just a little overstuffed. 

BUT I am still enjoying all that lovely Christmas music. Here is a great little diddy in honor of Saint Stephen whose feast we celebrate today ( first martyr of the church and it also happens to be my nephew Stephens birthday- oops that means it's time for a shout out-HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVIE!!!

Saint Stephen is mentioned in the song, but it is still mostly about King Wenceslaus.Which reminds me that he fits into a peculiar category of Catholic saints. He makes the 'good but not great' list which I have never understood and frankly I also don't really support. When referring to King Wenceslaus we specifically call him 'good' not terrific, not spectacular, or astonishing (and yes we do have a Saint called Saint Christina the Astonishing- don't believe me-you check her out here) certainly Wencelaus is not GREAT ( that is reserved for the likes of Gregory and Gertrude

This good not great category  kind of sounds to me like he barely made the cut, doesn't it? 

"Eh- he's all right- but he could've been better!"

  What is even curiouser is that he is not alone in that category. He is also joined by St. Anne- she apparently was only good too. Perhaps they were comparing her to her daughter (?) and if that was the case-sorry St Anne but its sorta true. Hmmm, I wonder who they are comparing King Wenceslaus to- could it be St Stephen? I guess that could be true? One gave his life- the other just helped some poor schlep who was freezing cold and hungry?Boy that's a tough one to call. Sorry, I am not weighing in on this one. Glad it's not my job! Anyhow- here's the song:

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