Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Meddlesome Priest

Aside from having a really cool name, Thomas a Becket whose feast is celebrated today, really had it going on. I always love saints who show incredible courage and this man is near the top of most lists. The post title is actually a reference to the quote purported to have been what killed him. King Henry II , who had once been a great friend of Thomas and hoped to secure his power within the church found Thomas the only man with enough bravery to oppose him. When Thomas would not stand down on his position the king said something to the effect of "Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?" and 4 of his knights overhearing the angry words made haste to murder him with axes as he made his way to evening vespers.His story is really worth reading, especially in our day and age when there are so many problems within our holy church. Boy could we use a few a Beckets! Or even one!  So rather than tell you a whole lot about Thomas a Becket , I will redirect those interested here  and finish with a simple prayer:

Dear Saint Thomas,
Thank you for giving your life for the truth. Please inspire our bishops. Many of them have lost their way and no longer shepherd or care for the flocks given them. Do not let your death be in vain, but rather ask Our Lord to renew His church and give courage to these men.

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