Thursday, December 22, 2011

Red Robin

OK- Why hasn't anyone on the planet told me about the best burger joint in the world so far? Today after Christmas shopping Fred suggested we stop and grab a bite to eat. We weren't sure where to go. Fred loves burgers and I didn't really care. While we were driving we saw a sign for  The Red Robin and since we love Psyche and have watched all the episodes, we happen to know it is Shawn Spencers favorite burger joint. Actually he likes the strawberry shakes best if my  psychic memory serves correctly.

So being in a good mood and also in a lane that made easy entry to the restaurant possible, we pulled in. As soon as I walked through the door I fell  in love. There was highlights of red all around and it lifted my mood immediately. The waitress walked to our table and asked what we would like to drink. We answered "2 strawberry shakes" eager to test out the 'best shake in the world theory'.

Ummmm-yeah- it was!

I ordered the most amazing burger I ever had in my life,( the prime chophouse) with lightly fried onion rings, provolone cheese, and mushrooms slathered across the top. It needed not one drop of ketchup. I ate the whole burger. The bun never got soggy. I am unsure if the first or last bite was better, and I am not a big burger fan.

I am blown away no one has mentioned this place to me before. It is clearly a conspiracy. I think I will be dreaming of it for days. If you're driving by one sometime soon- you should definitely stop and try it out.
Awesomeness awaits inside.

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