Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Been Saturday All Week

Fred, my wonderful-talented- hard-working-crossword -puzzle-solving-husband has been home this week. I literally had to schedule a few days off for him before Christmas so that he didn't keep on, keeping on. The  first couple of days were difficult as we both need to readjust to be around each other for more than 2 days in a row. The kids also need to adjust to Daddy being ever present. So it started out a little bumpy and grumpy, but eventually smoothed out ( I am curious, do you all find that too when you are together more than normal?). 

Now, I have found that every day has become Saturday for me. I wake up late with little kids climbing all over Fred and I and realize "Oh Gee I have nothing much to do today that isn't some variation of fun!" And we leisurely sip coffee and check email and read and play games until about noon, when we go do fun chores like Christmas shopping or grocery shopping for a new recipe.
strawberries dipped in milk chocolate with cheese cake filling!

Joe made peanut clusters with German chocolate and almond bark

Peter's Russian tea cakes- awesome

Baklava for my Freddy

cold fudge sundae- no -you cannot have the recipe

Late in the day we work out- this week with all the kids in tow, causing quite the stir at the ARCC gym facility. I ran on the indoor track while the little ones played basketball and soccer and exchanged one ball for another a gazillion times. That has been most helpful as the kids need fresh air and exercise with all the pent up Pre-Christmas energy. (The best score so far this week- while running on the indoor track I saw a for sale sign on a tread mill 100.00. I asked what was wrong- it needed a new magnet - pennies to replace- and so Fred and I now happily own a very nice commercial tread mill that the ARCC was getting rid of- YES!)
already working in our basement thanks to Fred!

Evenings are quick dinners and stories, mixed in with looking for signs of elves outside the house. How do you know if an elf has visited you ask? Well lots of times we find jingle bells by the windows outside out house, which obviously have fallen off an elf shoe or hat. Check out your own yard for signs if you don't believe me. We have half a jar full of jingle bells we've discovered this year alone.

The older kids watch shows with us in the evening and we bake and watch silly stuff on you tube. It's hard to believe we only have to go to sleep wake-up, go to sleep wake-up a few more times until Christmas! The build up to it has been really wonderful already so its hard to believe it will somehow be better. But then again maybe that is simply because Freddy kinda  is Christmas for me -just about every day of the year. 

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