Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Grown Up Dinner Party

Tonight, Fred and I were invited to a grown up dinner party. It was really lovely. Our neighbors Mark and Nia asked us to join them along with Nia's parents and our next door neighbors Mark and Molly.  Having been to dinner with them a few times before, I knew it was going to be a really wonderful night. I have to tell you that  Fred and I really like talking with Mark and Nia. They are just incredibly interesting people. They laugh a lot and make easy conversation and are about the most hospitable folks on the planet.  

Tonight was extra special because Nia and her Mom were creating a Georgian Christmas feast . Her family is from Georgia - no silly NOT Georgia USA - We're talking about Georgia former soviet sattelite . 

The food experience itself was really spectacular. I love trying new foods and every dish was so wonderful and neat and different. It is a good thing we haven't given up on my running because Fred and I certainly have some exercise cut out for us tomorrow! It was also really nice to sit with our neighbors and just spend some time getting to know them a little better. We actually got to hear about Mark's music and Molly's re-entry to working after having her girls.We got to listen to Nia's parents talk about missing  Georgia while they are still growing roots here in the USA. Life can be so busy and hectic that if we don't take the opportunities to slow down and get to know one another we never realize we are missing out on some wonderful folks right around us. Mostly we see each other up and down the driveway amidst frantic waves and yard work; but tonight we shared a meal and a conversation and ourselves, and all of us seemed to leave one another a little brighter. 
Churchkhela and walnut brittle made with honey

It was a perfect start to Christmas time celebrations. I felt so happy heading home knowing who was around me. We are really blessed. 

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  1. It was awesome - a total surprise and a real treat. So nice to be surrounded by unique, interesting, and friendly people.