Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Embarrassment Trifecta

Tonight Fred had 'the talk' with the boys. "The talk' is pretty important isn't it? He had to work himself up to it for a while before he was able to get out all he needed to say. The perspiration was beading up on his brow . He began with :

"OK boys here are three things you should never, ever, ever , EVER say to a woman."

Oh, did you think I was going to start talking about the birds and bees? Come on people get your heads out of the gutter! Geesh, this is a family type blog after all.

He continued:

It makes no difference who they are, how long you have known them,or even if you are related to them. Just don't ever ask the following three questions:

#1 How old are you?

#2 How much do you weigh?

#3 When are you due?

He told them if they should mess up on any one of these questions and ask them, they were certain to be visited by the angry gods who would then force them to go through the Embarrassment Trifecta. He claims it's a  type of gauntlet test that men who have asked one of the three above questions at some point in their life, are forced to undergo in order to appease the divine female wrath.

It consists of being sent to the grocery store to purchase the following items:

#1 feminine products

#2 a pregnancy test

#3 baby diapers

Once you have had to buy all three, your male ego has been sufficiently damaged enough to have appeased their wrath. He thinks by giving the boys this information ahead of time, he will divert their course from the Embarrassment Trifecta. Perhaps he's right. Or maybe it is just some men's destiny...

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  1. HA HA!!!The male ego is famously touchy but I think the punishment is a little steep - after all those questions are just DUMB, not malicious. Plus they are embarrassing in their own right. But gods are gods...